Speaking to many residents in South Nassau, we often heard the complaint of hating
traveling to Manhattan to enjoy a night out. The local scene of restaurants with live
entertainment is limited and those that do provide these services are usually
seasonal based. Where can you go to meet new people in a safe relaxed
environment while trying a new experience?

To help alleviate this issue insert IYH Innertainment LLC, a new entertainment and event planning company that focuses on affordable in home entertainment. One of our founders, Jori O’Neale, is an accomplished comedian with experience at some of the best comedy clubs in New York City. She has performed at comedy clubs such as Comix, the famed
Caroline’s Comedy Club and garnished weekly laughs at “Hot Pudge Sunday’s”
comedy special at Laugh Lounge.

Our company offers two methods of entertainment. We have a virtual
entertainment portion for quick, inexpensive live entertainment (FUN FRIDAY COMEDY). For a more flexible form of entertainment approach, we also offer digital downloads of previous shows so fans can watch on the go. Coming soon….. IYH Innertainment LLC is looking to host in home entertainment, via private events, with minimal cost or overhead expenses.

In addition, the parties can be held virtually by us to offer local artists exposure and guest new experiences as add-on services without requiring additional staff or equipment.