“History Determines Herstory: God Has A Plan For Your Pain, A Reason For Your Struggle And A Reward For Your Faithfulness”

Jori O’Neale is an ordained Minister, an educator, a sports enthusiast, and the CEO of IYH Innertainment LLC, a faith-based entertainment company. She is the wife to one amazing husband, mother to four miraculous children, and teacher to hundreds of NYC youth.

“In 2005, I graduated from St John’s University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theology. After working with non-profits in social services for 6 years, God prompted me to go full-time in the education field and I went on to receive my Masters’s in Education from the City University of New York. Since then I have been blending my love of God, love for the arts, and commitment to youth education through serving as a board member of multiple nonprofits, conducting workshops and training on student engagement, classroom management, social-emotional learning, and restorative practices”.

Upon graduation, she went on to work with marginalized populations to better cultivate the heart of Jesus. During her travels across America doing community service, it was in Chicago that an encounter with a homeless woman changed her life. Although she had no permanent address, she had what many home-possessing women lacked, clarity in her purpose. She knew who she was and whose she was. She knew her history, and how it impacted her future. “Her story reminded me of so many women’s stories I’ve read in the bible and know personally. Stories that go untold to be forgotten or overlooked. Her story reminded me also of so many other women I’ve encountered who know the reason for their struggle and are experiencing the reward for their faithfulness. History determined her story, but her choices determined her path.”