Welcome to Fun Friday Live, the faith-filled interactive comedy show. Here, the audience doesn’t just spectate, they participate. Each week we host a series of hilarious games, improv sketches, musical performances, and stand-up comedy.

Your host for this evening of laughs is the funny and talented, Jori O’Neale. Jori O’Neale is an accomplished comedienne with experience at some of the best comedy clubs in New York City. This night of entertainment features a host of musical and comedic performers sure to light up your evening.

Our feature artists for this series include comedy sketch writers, musical actors, performers, spoken word gurus, songwriters, and gospel artists sure to make you a fan of their work by the end of the night.

So pull up to One Life Christian Church in Baldwin Harbor, NY for a healthy dose of comedy.

If you’d like to perform or serve in some capacity, we’d love to have you. Sign up now