“Virtual Game Night”

IYH Innertainment LLC present IYH Game Night. Join the action and excitement that people are across the country are talking about as your hosts, Jori O’Neale (Fun Friday Comedy) and DeeJay D’SOTO, create a mash up of Hollywood Game Night and Family Fued. Come and hang out with us for incredible clean fun. 

Tired of Netflix? Try IYH Innertainment Virtual game night. Play with your friends or meet some new ones, all from the comfort of your couch. All games prepped and provided by IYH Innertainment. Sit back and finally enjoy a game night at your house without the hassle of hosting and food prep.

All are welcome, reserve your spot today.

Each standard game night session is 75 minutes with a 90 minute window for your guests to get a brief zoom tutorial and game playing instructions. Have up to 25 participants for a flat fee of $100. Want to add more people? No problem. Each additional person is an extra $5 fee. Want to play games longer? Of course you will. Each additional 30 minutes is an extra $25.

Sounds too good to be true? Its not. Reserve your game night for a special occasion, memorable event, or just because you’re alive.

Sign up today for your own personal Game Night.

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